Key lime pie


 Inspired by her recent trip to Florida, Urvashi shares her key lime pie recipe – a classic American dessert made from condensed milk, cream and lime juice. Perfect for a stress-free dinner party dessert, it can be made the day before and set overnight.

Apple Muffins 


 These great lightly spiced apple muffins  make a great mid-morning snack and are at their best served slightly warm accompanied by a frothy cappuccino. The addition of diced apple and plump golden sultanas gives a moist muffin that will last a few days in a sealed tin. This apple muffin recipe is wonderful to make for breakfast or brunch.

Bell Pepper Egg-in-a-hole


 My sister handed me a stack of old Martha Stewart magazines and I discovered this little gem. The bell pepper adds gorgeous color and a very healthy veggie to your morning. Did I mention it’s really easy? You’ll definitely impress your family and breakfast guests with this bell pepper egg-in-a-hole. Thank you Martha! Serve the eggs-in-a-hole with buttered toast. English muffins are nice too. You can cook the eggs to …

Lattice Crust Apple Pie


  When something is described as “as American as apple pie”, it simply means that no one remembers exactly which immigrant group brought it with them – and where the apple pie is concerned, those mellow mists of time are more like a fruitful fog, because it’s been a staple in the States since before those states existed.