Baileys & Amaretto Hot-Tails

Delicious or No ?


  • 2 mugs of milk
  • 4tbsp Chocolate powder
  • Chocolate Baileys (or regular Irish Cream if you can’t find it)
  • Amaretto
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • Whipped cream
  • Candy canes (optional)


  1. Gently heat your milk in a saucepan and add the cocoa powder.
  2. Stir until chocolatey, add a pinch of nutmeg.
  3. Pour in a good slug of Baileys.
  4. Follow with a generous drop of Amaretto.
  5. Stir until hot and smooth… just like you.
  6. Pour the steaming, glistening, aromatic river of dreams into mugs.
  7. Top with whipped cream, pop in a candy cane stirrer and dust with cocoa powder.

Serves: 2